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Reflecting on the Gospel

You and I communicate the gospel we believe by the way we live our life.   Whether it’s in our conversations, our associations, what we hate or what we admire.  Reflecting on your conversations, your passions and your life will give you great insight into the gospel you believe and the gospel you share with others.  

A woman shares about a wedding she attended.  The wedding was beautiful, gospel centered yet the strongest point made was both the bride and groom came to the altar virgins.  Coming to the altar virgins is a glorious gift to your spouse and a way to honor God but it is not a noble badge to wear.  I’m not undermining the importance of honoring God with your bodies.  God’s ways are good and to embrace them is right.  However; when we boast in virginity we unintentionally disqualify others who are not from thinking they are worthy or able to have a meaningful, gospel-centered, God honoring wedding.  Statements focused on obedience to the law convey a gospel that is all about self-righteousness and right living.  Yes, the Holy Spirit in believers does a glorious work in our messy, stain-filled, corrupted heart despite us.  Holiness is God’s glorious work, not ours.  Many may get defensive saying we make choices and we need to be obedient.  Yes, we do, but don’t you see…even our obedience is God’s work in us; we’d never be obedient on our ownAny good in us is only God and God, not the “Good Christian”, should be glorified.  When we communicate right living is what matters most, we communicate a moral gospel.  A moral gospel disqualifies sinful people from ever thinking Jesus could love them.  This is not the true gospel, because Jesus came to save sinners.  While we were still sinners He saved us.   There is  no doubt the woman at the well could have one amazing God glorifying wedding and she would not be coming as a virgin.  The true Gospel redeems lives despite past choices.

A  woman is passionate about a cause or particular people group.  Her heart is incredibly passionate about justice for select people.  In her passion,  a hatred arises of anyone who may be contributors to the wounds or injustice of her select cause or group.  The gospel being communicated is only good for those who are oppressed, not the oppressor.  This is not the true gospel.  Jesus saves wicked people, not just under privileged people. Jesus gospel is for both the oppressor and the oppressed.  Paul is a clear example of this.  We read and recite his letters yet hate those who are like him.  If this is the gospel you communicate, I challenge you to love those who are not in need of you.  Love those who don’t want anything you have to offer.  Love those who won’t follow you, but may follow Jesus.  Love those who won’t jump on your bandwagon.  Love those who you can’t make a project or a part of your work. Love the oppressor and the oppressed without partiality or favoritism.  Loving the oppressor may not feel as noble, but your nobility is not the point, loving others is.

Jesus has given us clear commands and demonstrated in His life, death, resurrection, and ascension that His Gospel is for everyone.  It isn’t for a select people group or a reward for behavior.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t exclude and elevate people based on their passions and lifestyles.  It’s not purpose driven, its heart driven.  God so loved the world He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.  World includes everyone.  Whoever believes is not a people group, formula or moral code.  It’s those who have put their faith not on what they do, but on what Jesus did.

Take notice of the gospel you communicate and check it with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Where are you communicating an exclusive gospel?

The Gospel is faithful to work in us as we seek to share it with others.  If we aren’t seeing our need for the Gospel in sharing the Gospel, we can be sure we are communicating a wrong gospel.  Genuine desire to know Jesus and make Him known will purge us of our biases, our crooked thinking and our corrupted hearts.  That is what the Gospel does…it saves sinners and makes them right with God.

Moms Give Hope

As I think about Mother’s Day this year and all the emotions and expectations surrounding it, I come back to the incredible hope I’ve seen unfold through moms.  Hope shines bright light into those emotions and expectations that can feel discouraging and unrealistic.

♥        To the mom who is celebrating her first mother’s day after years of fertility specialists, your story gives hope to moms who are trying to conceive and haven’t yet.

♥        To the mom who has walked through a rebellious year with your child and you are still beside them, loving them, praying for them and seeking to understand their hearts, your story gives hope that love endures.

♥        To the mom who has opened her own business as your children watch you thrive doing what you love, your story gives hope that our example is powerful and life is multifaceted.

♥        To the mom who sent her child off to college last fall and is now bringing them home, your story gives hope that we can survive transition as our children grow up.

♥        To the mom whose building a beautiful family after an unexpected pregnancy, your story gives hope that unexpected timing can become life’s greatest blessing.

♥        To the mom who is raising her children by herself, your story gives hope to all moms that we are so much stronger than we believe.

♥        To the moms who nurtured her children through incredible health challenges, your story gives hope we will be given the wisdom to get through.

♥        To the mom holding a baby in her arms this year after several miscarriages, your story gives hope to courageously try again versus living in fear of never carrying a child to full term.

♥        To the mom who supported her child through the greatest accomplishments and the heaviest of disappointments, your story gives hope that love is not based on what we do but who we are.

♥        To the mom who is experiencing healing in their relationship with a prodigal child, your story gives hope to moms that God rebuilds and restores.

♥        To the mom who is becoming more loving through heart wrenching challenges of motherhood, your story gives hope that yes, God does use our trials to perfect us.

♥        To the mom who doesn’t have her own children but pours faithfully into children around her, your story gives hope that motherhood is way more than the flesh and blood we limit it to.

♥      To the mom who has faithfully and selflessly taken care of her special needs child, your story gives hope that the simplicity of meals, friendship and prayer is some of life’s greatest gifts to each other. 

Stories of hope surround every one of us if we just open our eyes to see beyond the expectations and emotions that can darken our hearts and snuff out the light.  Look for the treasures of hope moms display in all seasons and allow that hope to point you to the One who is our true hope, Jesus Christ.