About Kelly

There are fewer things that light me up like seeing God through His Word. I’m a firm believer that God has given us His Word to know Him and His ways personally. Yes, God speaks to us through His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit! Seeing someone dig into God’s Word and watching it pop off the pages and into hearts transforming lives overflows this girl with joy! Lives get changed when we get to know God through His Word and witnessing it in my own life and others never gets old.

I’m an ordinary wife and mom who loves and adores her family and Jesus! Not perfectly, but progressively by God’s grace. With over 27 years of marriage and two young adult daughters, I get life doesn’t usually go as planned. The road can be messy, hurtful, maddening and not like the picture we paint in our minds. It is there that God has the perfect backdrop to display His glorious light bringing new life and redemption if we look to Him. Life with God is good!

My heart aches to see so many women struggling, especially in marriage and mothering. We have powerful impact as wives and moms. There are many days we wonder if we are influencing well, leaving a legacy that matters…a legacy of love. Our good and gracious God is for us!  It’s not a clean and easy journey, there are often stops and seasons that feel like a tangled mess.  However, God is faithful is untangle our messes  give us all we need as we look to Him, not the world or even the latest Christian trends. 

We have a God who is crazy about us and will faithfully provide all the strength and grace needed as we look to Him.

Rooted in His Love and want you to be too!