Speaking Topics

Studying God’s Word

Know it for yourself so you can know God for yourself!

God’s Word is not only for the mature in Christ, Pastors and Leaders. It’s for you too! Maybe you know you should be studying God’s Word but  just aren’t sure where to begin, or how to get anything out of it! Learn practical, deep, rich and time sensitive methods so the next time you open God’s word, your time with Him is real, personal and impactful. We all need to know God’s word for ourselves, stop depending so heavily on others, and  help eliminate the biblical poverty flooding our churches today.

Smash the Image

As wives and moms it is so easy to paint a Norman Rockwell type painting in our minds of what our families should look like.  With good intentions we build this image in our minds of what a Christian mom, wife, husband, children and friends should look like and we strive to attain it. The very relationships we cherished become frustrating, destructive and broken when they don’t comply with what it’s “supposed to” look like. We strive harder. We beat our heads against the wall and our homes become a haven for hostages.  We must stop and smash the image realizing we have gone from worshipping God to worshiping what God could do for us or what our lives should look like. This pretentious image needs to be smashed so that we can have real relationships where God’s love is experienced, truth is embraced and life is lived abundantly!

Speaking to women and encouraging them to walk in the  fullness of life in Christ is an absolute delight.  Be assured I understand the relational challenges and obstacles of living out an authentic faith.  We will keep it real and you’ll be encouraged and challenged to love God and others with truth and perspective!  Together with God and His word, we can address the struggles and  issues many women face today.