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Balance, Busyness and Not Doing It All

Balance, Busyness and Not Doing it All

Have you ever met someone who spoke wise words that released you from captivity and changed your perspective?  Well, that happened to me the first time I met Brenda.  She was teaching a social media class at the Speak Up Conference I attended this summer.  I felt stuck (captive) because on one hand, I believe God has called me to encourage women through teaching and writing, and it brings me great joy; yet, I struggle ferociously with this whole idea of moving God’s work forward, especially through social media.  Words like platform and audience really kind of freak me out and turn me off.  Brenda breathed light and provided a key to bring freedom as she said ‘Social Media isn’t about platforms, it’s about ministry, real people with real needs’.  This, I could get on board with.  With a shift of perspective I could continue walking in the calling.

Brenda does this in her new book “Balance, Busyness and Not Doing it All“.  She comes alongside you with the tenderness and wisdom of Jesus to shift your perspective on what matters.  Being a woman is hard.  We balance a lot of roles, and all too often we can feel like we live to take care of everyone else at the expense of ourselves.  As wives and moms we can get lost in our roles while our soul is screaming for more than endless laundry, dinners, homework, demanding schedules and people.

Balance, Busyness and Not Doing it All will open your eyes to the glorious identity you have in Christ and walk you through living out that identity, especially in our homes where it can be so easily lost.  Brenda walks with you as she too is living to balance the full life of being a wife, mom to four children, ministry and work.  Her principles are proven and continue to be implemented in her own life.

Balance & Busyness

Brenda’s nurturing heart comes beaming through the pages.  Her compassion and authenticity make you feel as though she is sitting right beside you as  she pauses throughout her book to ask relevant questions , assuring you’re not alone and giving you wisdom to help bring balance and perspective.

God has designed us as women to be nurturing  and life-giving.  Brenda focuses on how living this helps bring balance and priority to our lives.  You’ll be challenged to let go of things that are not life-giving such as enabling and trying to do it all; instead embracing who God has made you to be, and engaging the family to grow and work together as a unit.  Reflection questions in each chapter help to personalize and apply principles in a way that works for you and your family.

If you are exhausted and trapped in busyness and the pressures of conformity you will find Balance, Busyness and Not Doing it All nourishes the soul, opens your eyes to what really matters and gives perspective that brings freedom, joy and peace.

What’s your greatest challenge in balancing life?  Where are you trying to do it all?  Share your answer in the comment section of this post.  You are not alone, we all struggle with balancing the busyness and prioritizing what’s important.  Sharing your answer to these questions will comfort others and also qualify you for a chance to receive Brenda’s newest released book Balance, Busyness and Not Doing it All.

I look forward to reading your challenges and am so excited to be giving away a copy of Brenda’s book because I know the one who receives it will be blessed.

Praying for life giving balance,


To learn more about Brenda visit her website.

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