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Moms Give Hope

As I think about Mother’s Day this year and all the emotions and expectations surrounding it, I come back to the incredible hope I’ve seen unfold through moms.  Hope shines bright light into those emotions and expectations that can feel discouraging and unrealistic.

♥        To the mom who is celebrating her first mother’s day after years of fertility specialists, your story gives hope to moms who are trying to conceive and haven’t yet.

♥        To the mom who has walked through a rebellious year with your child and you are still beside them, loving them, praying for them and seeking to understand their hearts, your story gives hope that love endures.

♥        To the mom who has opened her own business as your children watch you thrive doing what you love, your story gives hope that our example is powerful and life is multifaceted.

♥        To the mom who sent her child off to college last fall and is now bringing them home, your story gives hope that we can survive transition as our children grow up.

♥        To the mom whose building a beautiful family after an unexpected pregnancy, your story gives hope that unexpected timing can become life’s greatest blessing.

♥        To the mom who is raising her children by herself, your story gives hope to all moms that we are so much stronger than we believe.

♥        To the moms who nurtured her children through incredible health challenges, your story gives hope we will be given the wisdom to get through.

♥        To the mom holding a baby in her arms this year after several miscarriages, your story gives hope to courageously try again versus living in fear of never carrying a child to full term.

♥        To the mom who supported her child through the greatest accomplishments and the heaviest of disappointments, your story gives hope that love is not based on what we do but who we are.

♥        To the mom who is experiencing healing in their relationship with a prodigal child, your story gives hope to moms that God rebuilds and restores.

♥        To the mom who is becoming more loving through heart wrenching challenges of motherhood, your story gives hope that yes, God does use our trials to perfect us.

♥        To the mom who doesn’t have her own children but pours faithfully into children around her, your story gives hope that motherhood is way more than the flesh and blood we limit it to.

♥      To the mom who has faithfully and selflessly taken care of her special needs child, your story gives hope that the simplicity of meals, friendship and prayer is some of life’s greatest gifts to each other. 

Stories of hope surround every one of us if we just open our eyes to see beyond the expectations and emotions that can darken our hearts and snuff out the light.  Look for the treasures of hope moms display in all seasons and allow that hope to point you to the One who is our true hope, Jesus Christ.

God Elects!

Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. ~ Romans 13:1

Today it begins.  The race to secure the nomination for the presidential race kicks off in Iowa.  I must admit, I’ve been glued to the debates, listening to the press and doing my best to gain insight and wisdom about each of the candidates.  It’s frustrating, gripping, and might I add, addicting.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit, who, in His faithful fashion brings peace to the depths of this anxious soul through the words of Romans 13:1 “for there is no authority except that which God has established”

Ultimately, the candidates can say what they want; stand for what they want, and tell us what they want but in the end there is no greater peace than the assurance that God who is Sovereign over all things is ultimately the One who will establish the office of President.  There is no perfect candidate but there is a perfect God who will sovereignly rise up the one He has called to serve for this time.

The challenge comes then to believe (trust and commit) God indeed is in control as He says and to behave in a way that aligns with what we say we believe.   Will we bite our tongues and respect the authority God establishes even when it’s not who we would pick or one we think will bring us into ruin as a nation?  Truth is we don’t know all God knows and we don’t see all God sees and His plans are beyond political agendas even though He works through them.  The greater challenge is to continue to trust God, live out His commands, show proper respect and honor regardless who wins.

God doesn’t promise godly leaders.  We see in the Old Testament kings rising and falling all by the hand of God.  Some were God honoring and pleasing to Him, others were not.  God wasn’t less in charge when ungodly leaders rose up.  God continues to move His plan. Some leaders start out good but stray, others start out far from God and become God honoring during their reign.  We can’t afford to lose hope in the One putting these leaders in charge.  We also can’t let politics divide the body of Christ.  The only way to halt this downward divide among Christ followers is to look at our Leader, Jesus Christ, and act in a way that honors Him.  It’s a challenge.  We want our say, we want our views, we want our way…but scoffing isn’t the way to shine light into a broken world.  In a world full of disrespect, and dishonor, our lights will blaze brightly as we fix our eyes on the One who truly is our Authority.  He promises the authorities He establishes are for our good….even when we can’t see it.  We must put our trust in the One who holds all offices in His hand and praise Him that no matter who wins the election, our King is higher and He is faithful to guide His people.   Believing God establishes authorities will keep us from devouring and biting one another and instead free us to love and honor trusting our Faithful God who IS in control.


LORD, help me to live a life that honors you even when my flesh wants to scream, this cannot be!  Give me  faith to know that no matter what is happening around me, You are in control.  Help me to show honor and respect to the candidates because it honors and respects You.  Help me stand firm and secure in your truth and not be tempted or enticed to jump on bandwagons that divide your people against each other.  Give me eyes to see, ears to hear and wisdom to understand who you want me to vote for.  Don’t let me be swooped into the hype and not honor you in this hard fought right to vote.  Thank you for placing me in a country where we do have a say, where our cases are heard and where we can speak freely.  Let my freedom of speech be used to glorify You and respect others.  In Jesus Name, Amen

Embracing it!

  • How  does knowing God establishes authorities change how you will respond to all the hype in the race for president?